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Sample Of Our Curtain Rods
No Window Frame?  No Problem!!

Kwik-Hang Curtain Hardware Collection
We've Saved You The Time And The Trouble Of Hanging Your Curtains!

* No Visible Damage To Woodwork Or Walls!

* Installs In Seconds!

* No Measuring!

* Money Back Guarantee

* Landlord Tested And Approved!

* Use Over And Over If You Move!


Choose from our full line of curtain rod brackets
Many styles and colors to choose from below. Click one of the links below to start shopping!!
5/8 In Bracket Set In Antique Bronze/ Gold

Watch our demo video
Our demo video shows you just how quickly and easily you can now hang your favorite draperies. It literally takes seconds to install our brackets and frees you up to do more important things with your day.
Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets will save you time and tons of effort when you hang your next set of curtains. They are as easy to install as thumbtacks and won't leave holes in your walls and precious woodwork. 

The improvements we have made to traditional curtain rod hardware with our patented fused pin technique, have resulted in the elimination of the need for nails or screws.

Simply tap the bracket into the top of your woodwork with a hammer and you're done! 
Now just simply hang your rod and curtains....
Then just hang your curtains....
Simply tap the bracket into the top of your woodwork
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