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"Think Outside The Window Frame"

Curtain Rod Brackets..Home Of the Nail-less, Screw-less Curtain Rod Bracket
Here's What You Had To Say....

I think this is the best invention since sliced bread. I wish I knew this before I hung my curtains but I'm going to tell everyone I know, starting with my daughter who just purchased a new home. This is how I found your site. You should get this in the hardware, and other stores.
Thank you    Linda F.

Hi I just watched the video and these brackets look ingenious. What I'm wondering though, is why they only hold rods of 1/2 to 5/8 diameter. I would like to use a 3/4 or 1 inch rod and these brackets would be perfect. Do you make one with a larger capacity?
Many thanks. (We do now, thanks Laura)
Laura J.
 I got my drapery brackets today. What a great invention! Thanks. Judy B.

I purchased these brackets about a year ago...I misplaced them and just found them...I will never use regular brackets again...they are wonderful and easy...excellent product... Michelle R.
What a great product that is quick and easy to install. Looks fantastic, and is priced great too! Can't forget the super fast shipping either! Thank you so much! My only suggestion is you should have a Facebook page to let more people know of this great product. Kathy S. in Mn.  Hey Kathy, Please go to our home page and hit the "like" button for our Facebook page! Thank you! Your the best!
  I found your site thru Amazon ad. which I have never clicked on before! Wow your product looks fabulous. Can you make a double bracket set?? Having done my measuring, I don't think this will work for my current project, but I sure will purchase in the future. Living in an historic home we see many little holes in the woodwork from past window treatments... Also, our Master Bedroom window moldings are curved so these brackets should do the trick for that when the time comes. Claire E. Chicago

Thanks Claire, We'll be here when your ready! Our patented double brackets are in production, please check back!!
​Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am a single woman who should not use a drill or any type of power tools. These were so easy to put up. I didn't have to pester my neighbor to help me. I will spread the word, but you should really advertise more. What a great invention! I wish I would have thought of it.
Pat J.
Thanks Pat, I'm Glad one of us thought of it! Thank you for your business and for spreading the word!!
​These brackets protected us from losing our security deposit in our remodeled 1920's building, and because of the great price I don't have to worry about leaving them behind when I move out. We want to hang blackout curtains, so tension rods probably wouldn't cut it, unless I never planned on drawing the curtains back. This product is really great, and customer service is amazing! Thanks!

Sharon M.
Thanks Sharon, always nice to hear we helped someone!
I am so pleased with this product!!! It is truly as easy as the video depicted. Now I must order more to finish my home. I cant wait to tell all my family and friends.

Kathy V.

Thank you Kathy...Customers like yourself make our efforts all worthwhile!
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